I’m a British nerd and Coach with a passion for helping fellow nerds be everything they can be and more.

In the real world I’m an everyday guy. I enjoy great food, travel and hanging out with friends. I’m currently travelling around Asia with my Italian girlfriend where I’m lucky enough to regularly indulge these passions. As well as these ‘normal’ interests I also have a keen nerdy side that gets regular exercise through evenings heavy with boardgames or Pathfinder (an amazing RPG that everyone should try at least once).

Not that it is important but in the professional world I’m Chartered Engineer with the Institute of Mechanical Engineers and a background in Nuclear and Safety Case Engineering.

The above gives you a broad understanding of my nerdy ways, but it’s not as important as what comes next.

For a long time I’ve had another interest: to be my best. That’s not the best, but my best. Or another way I like to think of it is ‘to win at life’ – where winning is my own completely subjective goal.

For me, this means not only learning from society’s greats, fictional heroes and others around me, but also reading around the subject of personal development, growth and leadership.

This reading led me to the realisation that these books aren’t written for everyday people. I exaggerate the stereotypes when I say this, but they seem to be focused in one of two ways: zen hippies and energy flows; or faceless suits and climbing the career ladder.

I don’t care about either of these things, I just want to live my nerdy life to the fullest.

I also began to notice a trend amongst my nerdy friends and colleagues. A feeling of not living up to their full potential. Great people, all fantastically interesting and unique, just not showing the world their best side or repeatedly choosing well-trodden paths leading to frustration or sadness.

Perhaps it’s something in our nature, or where our education has let us down, but our full potential to thrive and live to the fullest wasn’t being met.

That’s why I decided to start this little site. To share and discuss the tools and skills I’ve read about and used successfully in the hope that they are just as useful to my fellow nerds. To help everyone to feel like they’re succeeding and living their life to the full!

Check out how you can benefit from my Coaching Services as well as my personal develop tools I’ve applied for a life of successful nerding!