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Leaving and the Next Steps

What a few weeks. It has been tumultuous! As much as I had prepared for it, the reality was that I wasn’t ready for some of what happened.

First up, I left my job. It was safe, secure and well paid. However, after much reflection, I understood that fundamentally it wasn’t going to lead to a place I wanted to go. At least, not yet.

I’ve dreamed of travelling, and I came to realise that if I didn’t do it now, then it would only get harder to make happen. So I’m very pleased to say that I made what at first seemed to be the tough call, but in reality, was the obvious and right decision!

World travels here we come!

What I Expected – The Goodbyes

Saying goodbye to excellent people was always going to be tough. Especially people with whom I’ve shared common goals and objectives on a project where we ensure public safety. Working together with that type of shared goal can really bring people together. It can also be frustrating. But generally, the rewards from collectively achieving something valuable makes it worthwhile.

So I expected those goodbyes to be tough. What I didn’t see coming was how much I’d integrated my role and title into how I perceive myself.

What I Did Not Expect – The Doubt

I’ve been a nuclear safety engineer for quite a few years. I knew that I was proud of being able to say that. What I didn’t know was how walking away from that title would lead to some questions of ‘If I’m not that, what am I?’

Ultimately, while this was troubling, it resulted in some useful learning. I’ve realised the danger of defining myself by what I do. It reminded me of something that I learnt (but had clearly forgotten) a few months ago; I’m more than the limits that I set for myself or the box I put myself in. I can be whatever the fuck I want to be.

What Comes Next

With that little bit of learning under my belt, it is now time for travels. Exploring and experiencing. Making time for reflection and putting in the ground work for what comes next.

There’s a world of possibilities out there and I can’t wait to have my pick!

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