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Becoming Chartered

After many years of effort and more than a few barriers in the road, I can finally say that I am a Chartered Engineer!

Just writing that down puts a smile on my face. It is a mixture of relief that it is over and joy that it has been achieved.

If you’re not from the UK and not an Engineer then you would have no reason to know what Chartership is. Essentially it is official recognition from an independent and qualified organisation that you have obtained a standard of skill and competence in Engineering. It is a nod from your experienced and knowledgeable peers to say that you’ve got what it takes to be a professional engineer.

To say the least, I’m pretty chuffed.

But what does it change in my day to day life? Absolutely nothing.

Well that isn’t strictly true in terms of the physical. I get a lovely certificate and I get to put some extra letters after my name. Neither of these things I particularly care about. The important change, the real change is mental.

I am Chartered.

In my mind’s eye I see it as an immovable block of shaped stone that supports and backs me up.

This is important to me because, like a lot of folk who may appear confident, I have deep seated insecurities. I have them in all aspects of my life. I deal with them just like everyone else, one day at a time. Through experiences and pushing myself beyond my comfort zone, I try to cement over the cracks that appear while dealing with the real issues causing the cracks in the first place.

Now that I’m Chartered, even though the causes of those insecurities may still be there, some of have lost their influence over me. They’re insignificant when compared with this massive foundation rock holding me up.

I found out a few weeks ago, so I’ve had time to adjust to the news. But even now, I can feel that rock still there at my core.

It can’t be taken away. It is part of me now. Upon it, I can build.

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