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The Wheel of Life

This is a simple little tool that provides you with a visual snapshot of your life. You can use it to figure out where to focus your attention going forwards by identifying the aspects of your life that you’re not so happy about.

I’ll take you through the process so you can give it a go as you read.

  • Draw this


  • On each line make 10 marks and label them 1 to 10 like I’ve started to do here
  • List the 8 most important aspects of your life – One thing that is obligatory in your list is ‘Health’

Different people have different life aspects. Examples could be Family, friends, work, hobbies, sports, volunteering, travel, etc. Don’t worry if you can’t get 8. 6 or 7 is just as good.

  • Label each segment of your diagram with the aspects of your life as so


  • Reflect on each aspect of your life – Based on your personal interpretation of your life give each one a rating out of 10. Where 10 is perfect – nothing could be better and 1 is awful – there is a myriad of improvements that could be made. It should end up looking a bit life this



  • Have a look at your final diagram – What does it tell you?

What it Shows

The wheel of life. Not too difficult but very informative.

It is a quick little exercise you can run through yourself to figure out where you could focus your efforts.

The next stage is more complicated and can be aided by going through the process with someone else (like a Coach). They can help you to take the input and focus it into an output that takes you towards a 10 in each important aspect of your life.

But even on your own you’re more than capable of considering the questions below and driving improvements yourself!

  • Are you happy with what you’ve found out?
  • Are there any aspects of your life that could be better?
  • If you continue as you are will things improve?
  • What would 10 in that aspect of your life be like?
  • How are you going to get there?
  • Etc…



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