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Valuing Differences

Clearly everyone is different. There are differences on the outside and differences on the inside.

People are all a function of their past, be it in their genetics or their life experience.

At least from my perspective, this is 100% a good thing. I’ll explain why. Feel free to disagree. After all, everyone is different.

Let’s take a couple of examples that are significant for me:

  • Sports and games: If everyone was the same these would become infinitely boring and pointless as players would have the same skills and abilities. There would be no adversity or challenge as everyone would think creatively in the same way, already knowing the moves and countermoves of each other.
  • Science: Progress in science is only possible through new ideas which, by their very definition, must be different to what has gone before in order to be ‘new’. Without different ideas, we wouldn’t have even progressed from the Dark Ages.
  • Food: I like variety in food so I may be biased here. But to me, a world in which there was no variety in food would be incredibly dull. I can fully accept that there are people who like what they like and don’t like or don’t want to try anything new. That’s fine. But even between each of those individuals, there are differences in what they all like. So variety is still a necessity.

I could go on about art, language, culture or a myriad of other examples but, simply put, differences make life interesting.

A Changing World

The world in which we live is constantly evolving. Some people see the differences as good, others think that they are bad. But either way, it happens. Your opinion on it doesn’t change the fact.

There are then two possible paths to take when faced with an evolving world; fight change or accept change.

Fighting change might postpone something. But even then, if you change your behaviour to fight something new (which you do by starting to fight), your new behavior/action will have a new reaction. It will only result in a different change. Change is inevitable. Accept it.

From Accepting Change to Valuing It

So where does this path of accepting change lead?

First of all it can mean peace of mind. Rather than reacting negatively to it, you can save your energy and move on. Not too bad a reason on its own. But the second reason is much more powerful.

If you can accept change and know that differences make life interesting, you can be more proactive about them.

You can choose to actively seek them out in yourself and in others around you. You can listen open minded to the other perspectives and communicate more effectively because of it. You can challenge your own ideas and beliefs in the pursuit of something better, something more effective.

For you, differences aren’t scary but an opportunity for improvement and ultimately enjoy a better existence.

After all, if you do what you’ve done, you’ll get what you got. But if you make the right change, your future potential is limitless.

A Quick Summary

  • Everyone is different
  • Those differences allow progress in all aspects of life from sports to art to science to food to… you get the idea
  • Progress or change can either be fought or accepted – but both result in a world different from the original
  • A third option of valuing change allows you to be proactive about change – It is based in the concept that differences are an opportunity for betterment
  • Differences are therefore something to be sought and explored – they are something to be valued

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