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Regrets – Why Bother?

No one enjoys regrets.

One way to remain regret free is by doing your best. After all, how can you regret anything if you know, deep down at your core, that you did as well as you could.

Still, regrets can happen. Maybe when things feel out of control or events don’t go the way you expect. What can you do? The regret is there because you can’t change the past.

However, even in this situation you can make the best out of it. You can learn from what happened.

You can look with a clear, unemotional perspective and figure out what you could have done differently in the situation that caused the regret.

Stephen King – Fault always lies in the same place: with him weak enough to lay blame

It isn’t about trying to find fault or blame. It is about figuring out what you could have done better or differently in that situation for it to have not resulted in regret.

Could you have more thoroughly prepared? Given better support to other people? Been clearer in how or what you communicated?

It’s about looking at yourself, learning from the past, and doing your best in the future by making a change.

A Quick Summary

  • Regrets Suck – Yet they are a fact of life
  • Avoid them in the future by doing your best
  • When they occur, be a grown up about it – Learn from it!

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