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Developing Habits

Developing habits is a key skill for everyone. The ability to embed a new concept or regularly use a new tool so that it becomes a lasting everyday practice is a powerful addition to your everyday arsenal. It enables you to promote positive behaviours and cut out negative ones.

I personally find that developing a habit comes down to one thing: remaking the same choice until you no longer have to make it.

When that choice becomes natural rather than requiring an active decision or the use of will power, that choice has become a habit.

Continually Remaking a Choice

I’ve got a post about making choices here, so I won’t go into it again. But I do want to talk about motivation.

Motivation is the key to unlocking new habits. A big enough reason why is like an enormous steam roller that can surmount any obstacle.

You can help keep up your motivation by understanding the link between the choice your going to be re-faced with and your goals. Maybe the habit is the goal, or maybe the habit will help you achieve a goal. It doesn’t really matter either way. The important point is that the link is made because it provides a focus every time you’re faced with the choice.

The clearer the link between the choice and the goal, the more powerful it will be as a motivational tool. If it’s clear to you why you need to make that choice, then the easier that choice will be to make every time.

A Quick Summary

  • Being able to develop habits will benefit you in all aspects of your life
  • A habit is formed when you start to do something naturally rather than having to actively choose it
  • Having a big motivation will keep you on  going in right direction until the choice is automatic
  • Understanding and linking your goals to your choice gives you the motivational rope that you can use to pull yourself along your path

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