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Nerding Out on Proactivity

Your life is remarkable. You are remarkable. All of the choices and chances throughout history that led to your existence are uncanny. It is essentially impossible, yet here you are. It’s a gift. It’s an opportunity.

I truly hope that you’re reaping the rewards of this opportunity by enjoying an existence that makes you happy. After all, who wants to live with regrets.

For me, meaningful happiness results from striking a balance between your wants and needs now and your wants and needs in the future. Living in the moment while keeping an eye on what’s ahead.

Striking that balance isn’t easy. But the key to its success is proactivity.


Fortunately for us, proactivity is like any behaviour in that it can become an everyday norm. It can become a habit.

I like talking about habits, that’s why you can find a post about developing habits here.

Proactivity is a Special Habit

Proactivity is a fundamental behavioural building block that can take you wherever you dream. Without it, you’re probably going to flounder, with it, possibilities are limitless.

If you look at any of the heroes, idols or characters you admire, I’m willing to bet that amongst all of them you’ll find a common thread of proactivity. They have a drive that picks them up when they fall, a personal best that continually moulds achievement out of adversity.

What I mean by Proactivity

Essentially it means accepting responsibility for yourself. Choosing to put yourself in the driving seat. Taking control of your now and future by being accountable for them to yourself.

I know that sounds like quite a lot of waffle. So here are a couple of examples of the exact opposite of being proactive to illustrate the point;

  • Blaming the world or others around you for the problems and challenges in your life.

It is easy to do this and dream of what could have been if your path was clear. Proactivity is not laying blame somewhere else but dealing with the reality of the situation. It is choosing to own the problems and challenges in order to identify what you personally can do to get around it or overcome it.

  • Putting down others by saying that they have it easy.

It may be true that there are those who have it easier. Then again, for every person like that there are many more who have had it a lot tougher, who have overcome their challenges and created opportunities. Just look do your heroes again, you’ll find the inspiration you need.

How do you live Proactively?

In essence it is realising that you have a choice in all things and making it a habit to always realise you have a choice.

In any event or scenario, the world and other people will impose or change things beyond your control. That’s fine, that’s life. Proactivity is choosing your response to those stimuli. Your response is always your choice. You always have that power.

To live proactively you use that power to choose your response in a way that brings you happiness now or in the future. You use it to take you towards your goals. Doing Your Best day in, day out, to walk the path of your choice.


The Challenge and the Reward

The difficulty with proactivity is that it is against our normal human nature. It’s so much easier to blame someone else. The challenge is to resist that urge. The reward is to achieve your version of success.

Resisting that urge is hard. But it gets easier every day that you choose to do it. You make that choice and you repeat it until it becomes a habit. In time it becomes your normal behaviour.

A Quick Summary

  • I personally find that happiness is found when balancing the needs, wants and desires of the moment with those of all the moments to come
  • Happiness is supported by being proactive
  • Proactivity is about being responsible for your own life and happiness
  • Live proactively by accepting you have a choice of how to react in response to external stimuli
  • Use your choice to take your life in the direction you want it to go


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