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Goals – A Nerd’s Guide

When thinking about your future nerdy path, I encourage you to think big and dream crazy.

It’s your life, so you should get to fill it with the nerdy things you love. For me, I’m currently unhealthily into boardgames and RPGs, specifically Pathfinder. I can’t get enough it. But that is an unimportant aside.

Knowing your goals is about two things; your end goal; and your journey towards it.

In a Lord of the Rings fantasy adventure type analogy, it’s you throwing the one ring into the fires of Mount Doom; and the adventures you have with your fellowship along the way.

The analogy isn’t important, only the idea that it’s your life, so it should mean something to you and those that you care about.

Start With Happiness

Some people might start with the goal of wealth, fame or success. But it all fundamentally comes back to the same thing, happiness.

Here’s why. You could give yourself the goal of being successful. It seems like a reasonable objective in life at first glance. But if you don’t enjoy the things that you have to do in order for you to achieve what you believe to be success, then you’re going to end up with a pretty shitty existence.

The same goes for any goal that doesn’t have happiness at its core. The less you enjoy the things that you have to do on the way, the less you’re going to enjoy your life.

But if you begin with happiness in mind, not only will you have greater enjoyment of your path, you’re more likely to actually achieve your goal because you take please in getting there.

Know your goal (2) edit

Figuring Out What Makes You Happy

What makes you happy?

Feeling happy is obvious when it happens, but actually trying to figure out what triggers it isn’t so easy.

I found some really useful ideas and tools in the two books below. I highly highly recommend giving them a read.

The first of these books has a great concept that can be used here – Life Roles.

The idea being that your life can be divided into various roles that you fulfil: Parent, Partner, Gamer, friend, employee, etc. By identifying these roles you can figure out what it is about them that makes them important to you and what happy would be to you in terms of each of those roles.

The second book has a powerful process that you can put yourself through to figure out what really makes you happy – Historical Happiness.

The idea is to think back to when you were last happy and ask questions about it to figure out what it was about that experience that actually made you happy. Once you know this you can orient your life towards having more experiences which you know make you happy.

If you’re interested in what I came up with when I went through these exercises, feel free to check it out here!

A Helpful Tool

There is a very useful and simple tool that you can use. It is called the Wheel of Life. You can find out more about it when I have a moment to write about it!

Watch this space 😀

A Quick Summary

  • Life goals can be thought of in terms of the end goal and the journey towards it
  • Get as much enjoyment from the path to the goal as from achieving the goal itself
  • Think in terms of happiness to put yourself on the right path

Your Journey Along Happiness Highway

Now you know where you’re going, it just remains to get there. Easy.

Check out Nerding Out on Proactivity or Doing Your Best – The Nerdy Way!


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