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The Best Gift For Those You Care About – Support Them In What They Love

Possibly one of the nerdiest things I do is playing an RPG (a Role Playing Game for the non-nerdy amongst you). I play Pathfinder. I love playing it. Playing it makes me happy.

Every Sunday I play Esme, a middle aged mother of one who, as a result of an ancestral connection to dragons, is a fire specialising sorceress. She roams around the world of Golarion with an intrepid band of misfits battling evil and not taking any shit from anyone.

This game of Pathfinder we’re playing is an Adventure Path. Which means it is a Lord of the Rings type pre-written story/adventure; only without the characters. Each player brings a character to join in the adventure, while one player essentially acts as the stories narrator, called the Game Master or GM.

As well as the regular 3 hour Sunday evening sessions playing Esme, there are the occasional one-off 4-5 hour long sessions where I play Ta-Ren Audel, half-elf ranger with a stereotypical French accent, or Timit Quays, halfling vigilante with his secret identity ‘The Braker’. Or, I occasionally GM a session, prepping all the maps, encounters and fights

At this point, you’re probably thinking one of two things: 1. What is this insanity? Or 2. Where do I sign up to play?

The point that I’m trying to raise is that it it’s important to me. It’s a nerdy passion. And like all passions it requires a significant investment in time to really indulge in it!

That is where I owe mega kudos to my partner. Rather than harbouring an ever-growing frustration at my somewhat ridiculous interest, she encourages me to play and even brings me snacks!

It may also be because it gets me out of the way while she can sew (something she’s very passionate about)… But even this isn’t the full story as she doesn’t sew on Sunday evenings.

So it comes down to her understanding how important playing Pathfinder is to me. Even though she doesn’t enjoy it herself, she has took the time to appreciate things from my perspective.

For this, I am thankful.

It makes me realise that perhaps I don’t return the gift as much as I could. Or, at the very least, say Thank You with all the gratitude I feel.

I wonder whether this is true for other people. Do those closest to you make a gift of their time and interest without you fully realising how generous it is?

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