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Joining Instagram

So I’ve joined the world of Instagram. I know, I’m quite behind the trend. But now, to put it simply, I’m amazed. There is a lot of… well, everything.

One thing did grab my attention though. The potential for jealousy.

Perhaps I’m wrong, I’m happy to be challenged on it, but the images, quotes and videos all present an extreme version of reality. A reality where everyone, everywhere looks incredible and is doing something amazing.

It doesn’t represent the real day to day truth of people’s existence.

I’m guilty of doing the same thing. Look at my Instagram feed and you’ll see the interesting and fun things that I’ve been up to. You won’t necessarily see the boring every day stuff.

For example, today I chose to show a photo of delicious cheeses rather than my old lady shopping trolley full of vegetables.

That makes sense. After all, who would want to see the boring side of everyone’s lives? Where’s the interest in that? Everyone already has enough of that themselves.

What’s my actual point here? I think it’s that spying on other people’s lives through Instagram, or any type of social media for that matter, doesn’t actually achieve much. Yes, you see some stuff. But afterward you’re left feeling a bit empty; like your life isn’t cool enough.

How can that be turned around? What’s to be learnt?

Simple really. Live your life. Look away from your screen and live the moment you’re in. Whether the moment is a goal or a step towards one; live it and make it memory.


I’ll continue to use Instagram because its a tool I can use to get to a goal. I just hope that I can use it positively. My plan; to spread practical knowledge and tools that help people realise their own potential, goals and dreams. We’ll see how it goes.



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