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Back to Reality After Christmas

I’m back in work after Christmas with some big changes and challenges on the horizon in 2018. Looking forwards, there’s going to be an end to several eras and the beginning of some new ones.

Luckily, I was fortunate enough to have a relaxing but productive Christmas break. Though now that I’m back at my desk, it’s not prooving easy to get into gear.

I find myself faced with several big issues to deal with straight away: moving country; changing work role; and soon being at a distance from my long term partner. As well as having some opportunites and challenges just over the horizon that will also need some input.

My struggle is what do deal with first? What to focus on? Where should I put my energy? All the while having a dragging sensation in the back of my head saying ‘Why bother?’

Why bother indeed? Building up motivation is not easy. I’m feeling a bit down with after Christmas blues, I’m currently ill with a mild cold, and I’m experiencing some negative reactions to the big issues above in terms of the SCARF triggers.

Fortunately, as I’m writing this the answer is becoming clearer. It comes down to happiness. Happiness now and happiness in the future.

I can’t solve everything this instant, I can’t make problems go away and I can’t capitalise on opportunities without doing something.

There is a lot of “can’t” in that sentence. But what Can I do?

I can focus on the immediate and I can prioritise.

After Christmas blues will pass. Through some light exercise and a good nights rest my health will improve and my current fatigue will pass. The negative reactions can be influenced if I choose to do something about it.

I’m already feeling a bit better. Writing this has helped. I’ve made a decision to figure out what I can do. That decision itself is enough to give me a boost and get me through my day.

What can you decide to do today to give you a boost?

Maybe you’re already doing it. If so, kudos to you. Take a moment and give yourself a nod of praise. It’s not an easy thing to do so you should be proud.

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