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Proactivity Struggles

Some thoughts on proactivity.

It’s tough.

I do have some more. But that was came to mind first.

I could say something like nothing that’s worth having ever came easy. In fact, I have said it by writing it. But that is neither here nor there.

Staying proactive is a challenge. There are days when it’s easier and those when it’s harder. But in the end it really comes down to one thing.

How much do you want to achieve what your proactivity is going to get you.

If something is important to you, then it’s worth it. It’s worth your time, it’s worth your investment.

For me, right now, I’m struggling with writing this post as I’m tired from a day’s hard life admin (and to be honest, a slight hangover – see the photo below). All I want to do is settle down to watch Marvel’s Punisher.

But first, I just want to say to the world that even the proactivity is tough, it gets you where you want to go. Proactivity is the engine that motors you along the road of happiness.

Without it you’ll soon be stuck and getting bored of your surroundings. But with it, you’ll reach your goal and you’ll see your reward.

For more of my musings on a similar subject, check out Doing Your Best – The Nerdy Way!



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